FI News, 1975

1975: Transgenderism = Umbrella Term

FI News, 1975

FRANCES L. DOWELL, President, Salmacis Society

Salmacis, the egalitarian Feminist Social Society, has announced a series of eight educational lectures on Transgenderism, to run until August 21. The lectures will be held at the North` East Outpatient Clinic, 200 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco.

According to Frances L. Dowell, president of Salmacis, there are approximately 2.5 million males in the United States who believe their destiny is to be a female. Therefore, the series of lectures is designed to inform the general public about this phenomenon, to encourage those with. repressed TV or TS tendencies to surface their feelings and desires, to help the crossdresser learn about himself, improve his feminine appearance, and share his experiences with others.

The subject matter for the series will be as follows: Can you accept yourself as a TV? The legal aspects of Male femininity, Cosmetics and Shape Makers, Fashion and Grooming, Deportment and Vocal Modulation, and Living Your TVism. At each lecture there will be guest speakers as well as participants from the TV, TS and homosexual subcultures.

Admission to the lectures is free to card-carrying Salmacis members, and costs a $1 donation for others. The meetings can be attended as a male or as a female. The donations will go toward the Salmacis educational fund.

Salmacis is socially active in the San Francisco. Bay Area, and has affiliated chapters all over the world. It invites all persons with an interest in male femininity to join. The only requirements are a pro-feminine interest, an interest in feeling feminine, appearing feminine, acting feminine and being feminine with another femme. Membership benefits include social activities, educational activities, informational service, and the Salmacis newsletter.

For further information about the society or the lecture series, contact the Salmacis Society, P. O. Box 2441, Menlo Park, Ca. 94025.


  • This article comes from the same FI News issue that the 1975 review of transgenderist does.
  • Additionally, this usages seems to be closely linked to a 1975 “transgenderism” usage in a magazine called Image.
  • Special thanks to the University of Michigan archive for locating this piece!

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